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I love hearing the latest nutrition tips- the and should nots.

Doesn’t it drive you crazy?

Bacon is good for you. Bacon is bad for you.

Soy is a wonder food.  Soy is bad for you…

Here is the latest list of foods nutritionists seem to agree on.

1. Dark Berries- Blueberries and Blackberries

I love them.

I buy them frozen, let them thaw in a bowl and toss some vanilla Greek yogurt on top for a powerhouse snack.

2. Almond Milk


I was never crazy about cow’s milk and I’m so happy there are so many alternatives available now.

I love an ice-cold glass of almond milk and sometimes sprinkle some organic ground cinnamon to give it more health benefits…

** To learn more about my favorite almond milk from Califia Farms, click here.

oops…did I say cinnamon?

3. Cinnamon

I love it in my applesauce, oatmeal, mixed with a little organic raw honey on toast. You can add some to your coffee, for a nice treat!

4. Avocado

www.PeacefulSoulBlog.comCut in a half with a little salt, I get a spoon and have at it. Nothing else to say. They don’t last long enough in my kitchen to make a sandwich or add to a salad!

5. Greek Yogurt
Love it. Vanilla, thank you very much. It’s not for the faint-hearted, though. I put about a cup on the berries and enjoy it mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

*Click here to learn more about this yogurt

6. Eggs

Pretty self-explanatory.

7. Olive Oil

I’m of Italian heritage. I grew up dipping my bread and sopping it up!
Extra-virgin and first cold-pressed are what you are looking for. Remember, it is NOT for frying and doesn’t do well with high heats!

8. Hummus


www.PeacefulSoulBlog.comI like the Tribe brand, myself. Roasted red pepper.
It’s great for dipping baby carrots, cucumbers, sliced red and green peppers. Even just spreading some on bread for a quick snack is delicious and a quick way to get some extra nutrition in!

* For Tribe Hummus, click here.

9. Nuts
I toss some on my blueberries and yogurt for extra flavor, protein and good fats. A handful a day is so important for you.

10. Kale
Talk about a powerhouse of nutrition! You can toss a handful in a bowl of hot soup and just let it wilt. You can eat it raw in salads or sauté it with a little garlic and olive oil. Just get it in you. I love it but don’t eat it enough. Adding it to my grocery list as I type this out and it’s available already chopped, frozen and fresh.

11. Water with lemon

Drank it for years. Lemon and any kind of citrus fruit is a great cleanse and detox for your body. Water, well…you already know!

12. Quinoa

Quinoa with melted chocolate chips, fresh raspberries and drowning in vanilla almond milk. YUM!

I love it! I make a cup at a time with a little salt only. It’s done in 15 minutes and an amazing protein. Perfect for people who are physically challenged with health issues or simply don’t have a lot of time to cook.

It’s bitter if not washed so make sure you get the pre-washed. I use Roland’s.

While it’s hot, I add semi-sweet chocolate chips and some vanilla almond milk…sometimes I add fresh raspberries for a yummy and healthy snack at night or dessert.

With the leftovers, I can add it to salads or soups or sometimes just eat it cold…well…most times!

After examining the list, I’m not very far off track at all. More kale, cook the quinoa and get more lemons…other than that, I’m better off than I thought!

I like the checklists every now and then.

After all, if you have your health, you can do ANYTHING!



* By sharing something very special and personal to me, I hope you see things in a new light. I hope you were touched somehow, edified in some way. Blogging is a very powerful means to change the world…to get “your” story out there…to touch someone else’s life.


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