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20 Superior Health Benefits Of Deep Breathing – Youthful Energy and Longevity

What if someone told you they had information that could help you sleep better, feel better, look younger, lose weight, detox, help your digestion and help you think clearly?

Would you reach into your wallet and pull out your credit card and pay for it on the spot?

You bet you would!

You wouldn’t be able to get that information FAST enough!

But then they offered to give it to you for FREE… because it’s so simple.

Would you value it then?

Would you even believe it was real?

Probably not…

It’s all about the value we place on things.

Deep breathing is nothing new yet people are finally paying attention it because science is PROVING what the Ancients knew all along.

This information is FREE…it’s common knowledge, yet we’re happier reaching for a pill or calling the doctor BEFORE we try something simple and free.

I’m not saying don’t go to your doctor..but incorporate the deep breathing daily and see the results!

Deep breathing- breathing PROPERLY helps YOU stay healthy!

It doesn’t get any more simple than that.


20 Superior Health Benefits Of Deep Breathing – Youthful Energy and Longevity

1.Your Respiratory system works better

First and foremost, the air is helping the airways themselves. Opening up the airways can ease asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory problems. Breathing deeply helps the lungs become healthier, stronger and more powerful.

Open your airways by taking a deep breath!


2.Increases circulation

Deep breathing brings about a greater pressure differential in the lungs, which then aids in better circulation throughout your body.

3. Breathing properly makes your heart stronger

Deep breathing reduces the workload on the heart by increasing circulation in the whole body and also because the lungs are getting more oxygen, the blood is delivering more oxygen to the tissues so the heart doesn’t have to work as hard.

4. Breathing Detoxifies and Releases Toxins

Designed to release 70% of toxins through breathing, your body BEGS you to breather deeply! When you’re not breathing properly, you’re not breathing effectively! The rest of your organs and tissues can’t detox and then become overloaded- which can lead to illness! When air is exhaled from your body, carbon dioxide that has been passed through from your bloodstream into your lungs is released…you get rid of it. Carbon dioxide is a natural waste of your body’s metabolism. Hence, you detox.

5. Breathing Increases and Aids The Digestive System

The digestive organs receive more oxygen, which help them operate better and the food is oxygenated, as well…aiding in better digestion. Constipation is a common problem and deep breathing pushes on the lower abdomen, physically massaging the intestines and moves things along! That’s another way of detoxing!

6. Improves The Quality of the Blood

Deep breathing allows more oxygen in the blood, releases carbon dioxide, thereby improving the quality of the blood. We all want healthier blood! ;)

7. Aids the Lymphatic System

Increases circulation of the lymphatic fluid throughout your whole body, which aids in faster recovery from illness.

8. Deep Breathing Boosts Your Immune System

Oxygen travels through the bloodstream by attaching to hemoglobin in red blood cells. The more deeply you breathe, the more oxygen rides along with the hemoglobin. This helps tissues to regenerate and heal and also enriches your body to metabolize nutrients and vitamins.

9. Cleansing System Works Better

Excess fluids are released when we exhale. That’s why there’s so much moisture in our exhalation. Releasing this fluid lessens the stress on all our organs and allows our bodies to cleanse naturally.

10. Breathing Correctly Massages Your Organs


The rhythm of the moving diaphragm during deep breathing massages the stomach, small intestine, liver and pancreas. The upper movement of the diaphragm massages the heart, too. When you inhale air your diaphragm descends and your abdomen expands. These rhythmic movements massage vital organs and improve circulation in them. Controlled breathing also strengthens and tones your abdominal muscles.

11. Helps Muscles

With all that great oxygen flowing throughout your deep tissues,muscle tension is reduced and muscles move more easily. Also, muscle is increased.

12. Breathing Helps You Have Beautiful Skin

Wrinkles are less with improved circulation because improved circulations means more blood flow which also means more hydration to the skin.

13. Breathing Relieves Pain

Breathing is connected to how you think, feel and experience life. Pain is also connected to how we think, feel and experience. For example, what happens to your breathing when you anticipate pain? More than likely, you hold your breath. Yet studies show that breathing into your pain helps to ease it.

14. Deep Breathing Improves The Nervous System

Our brain, spinal column and bazillion nerves receive increased oxygenation because of the increased blood flow and receive greater nourishment. This improves the health of the entire body, since the nervous system communicates to every single part of our bodies.

15. Breathing Deeply Boosts Energy And Improves Stamina

With everything working properly, energy is at its peak and your body at peak performance.

16. Breathing Helps Us Mentally Be Present

Clarity, mental concentration and observation skills are improved with more oxygen and our decision-making skills are improved. Also increases our productivity and learning!

17. Deep Breathing Helps Our Emotions

When we breathe deeply, our bodies relax, reducing feelings of stress. This also helps clear out negative or uneasy feelings out of your body. Deep breathing also releases endorphins, which are natural painkillers that create a natural highs and easy sleep. Creates more awareness and self-love, leading to a healthier life.

18. Breathing Deeply Releases Tension

Going hand-in-hand with helping our emotions, when we release tension our muscles relax. Our muscles tighten up when we’re tense, which restricts the blood flow to those areas. When we relax, we open right up, relax the muscles and start feel better physically.

19. Improves Posture

Good breathing techniques over a sustained period of time will encourage good posture. Remember, breathing deeply, through the diaphragm helps tighten your abs. Bad body posture can be a result of incorrect breathing.

20. Breathing Properly Assists In Weight Control

If you are overweight, the extra oxygen burns up the excess fat more efficiently. Plus, the increased muscle also burns up fat faster. If you are underweight, the extra oxygen feeds the starving tissues and glands.

* * *With such an impressive list of benefits to you, how can you NOT take two minutes a day and simply breathe in deeply and slowly, pulling the air all the way down into your diaphragm so your tummy pushes out first, then your lungs. If this happens, you’re doing it correctly. If it doesn’t, practice a little every day until it does.

Develop a little routine to take that time for yourself…

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to be in the best state of health you can be in!

Take care,



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