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Trying to go Vegan?

How about just lowering your cholesterol and going heart-healthy with your diet?

I learned to use eggs to bind together meatloaf, meatballs, cakes, baking all sorts of goodies…

and, no matter what, eggs are always involved.

Cake mixes come with everything you need except, water, oil and eggs!

Well, I’ve used Ener-G egg replacer and my cakes have always come out delicious!

You can’t taste the difference at all  and the texture has been wonderful-

like homemade!

So, I’m glad to have found the list above because I really do want to try other ways of humane cooking…

You see, laying hens spend their lives in tiny cages.

A battery cage is about the size of a filing cabinet drawer and usually 8-10 hens are squeezed in…live together their whole lives cooped’s miserable and smelly…loud and completely unnatural and inhumane.*

chickens-battery-cages 1

Hens in battery cages.

Special thanks to for this photo

These hens can’t stretch their wings, spend their lives standing on wire not the earth and have live in chronic pain their whole lives.

After I learned this…as much as I love scrambled eggs and cheese, deviled eggs and omelettes,I can’t look at an egg without feeling their suffering…plus, I always feel sluggish after I eat eggs and get a stuffy nose.

Cage-free eggs aren’t much better:

Cage-free hens live a miserable and unnatural life.

Just can’t do it anymore.

Maybe someone out there is like me right now and at that point…looking for an egg alternative.

My blog is named The Peaceful Soul because I truly believe we can all live in peace…all creatures living in peace…

It may not happen in my lifetime or yours…


but I can make a difference by doing my part right now.

So, that being said, I DO enjoy ground flax seed meal for breakfast…it’s instant…and though I haven’t tried all these replacers yet, I hope you get some value from the list…

You’re health is important to having the life you want.

Take care of it…it’s one of the things you have control over!




* By sharing something very special and personal to me, I hope you see things in a new light. I hope you were touched somehow, edified in some way. Blogging is a very powerful means to change the world…to get “your” story out there…to touch someone else’s life.


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Share this post and help change the world!
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