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Have you ever heard a cow purr?

You’re in for a treat right now!

Known as “The World’s Happiest Cow,” Fiete has every reason to be!

Fiete was rescued from a slaughterhouse-destined to be somebody’s steak or chopped meat, look at him!

So, turn up your speakers and listen to him as he “purrs” while getting a rub down. Reminds me of my dog!

special thanks to StiftungHofButenland on youtube for this beautiful video

Now, living in a sanctuary in Germany, Fiete, a young bull, is enjoying his life.

Seeing this happy young bull, it gives us reason to think about how farm animals are treated…how livestock is treated…how it ends up on our tables and what was the process it got there?


Several years ago, I was with a friend and her niece in the supermarket. Her young niece, didn’t know meat came from cows and that hamburgers were eating cows.  She freaked out when learned about it.

I will not get on the bandwagon and tell you to be a vegetarian or a vegan, but I will ask you to watch how happy Fiete how he enjoys getting his back and neck rubbed and watch how he enjoys laying in the grass in the sunshine…

I will ask that you try one vegetarian meal a day..or a week…just try it. Even that will make a huge difference in the world…in greenhouse gases, in your health…and in the life of one or two cows this year.

Here’s to you, Fiete!


Live long and happy!

~ Love, Jenny

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