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UPDATE RUBY FOUND On Golf Course Near Mar Hall – PLEASE HELP JADE Missing In Erskine Bishopton Area Scotland


If anyone is free to come along to help search while its light, please come along to help us look for her.

Ruby was found at the 13th hole at the golf course near Mar Hall!!

13th hole where Ruby was found,
Mar Hall Golf Course

Not in a good way so will be staying at the Vets.

We need to find Jade as soon as possible!

Thanks to anyone who can make it along. Will be dark in an hr.

JADE STILL MISSING, as of today 8 APR 2015

This is Jade, Ruby’s daughter, who is still missing as of today, 8 APR 2015.

Jade relaxing in happier times.

Jade still missing
Mar Hall Woods
Erskine/Bishopton, Scotland


Details on how Ruby was found will be added but for now, here is Ruby with Jacqueline on their way to the veterinarian a little while ago!

Ruby on her way to the vet’s with Jacqueline right after being found!



Please follow them on Twitter and re-tweet til Jade is brought home!

Thank you!



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